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SESC provides custom decision support solutions for administration, engineering, facilities management and operations.  SESC professionals have extensive experience in GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, LiDAR, image processing, QA/QC, image and geospatial data understanding to support a wide variety of applications.  We have experience in satellite and aerial image acquisition, imagery and GIS processing, QA/QC and delivery systems. We routinely manage multiple projects with diverse scopes of work concurrently, and at any given time we are managing several projects ranging from data extraction to change detection to support a decision management system.

We build, deliver and maintain solutions comprised of accurate feature mapping and comprehensive database design, structure and management, resulting in a powerful combination of visual and computational analysis to facilitate well-informed, timely operational decisions.  First we understand your operational environment, needs and intended uses for geospatial data and information.  Then we work closely with you to develop proper specifications to meet your multiple management and operational objectives. 

SESC leverages advanced technology, interdisciplinary science and practical operational experience to design and implement superior, cost effective solutions to real world problems and challenges.  We match the right data, processing, analysis and supporting field techniques to enable decision management and support systems.  These solutions result in best value to our customers, with high value and low risk, delivered on time and within your budget.

SESC provides a variety of Geospatial Data and Information Products and Services, and Decision Support Services, including the following:

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Photogrammetry
  • Remote Sensing
  • Database Management Systems
  • Database development
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Enterprise GIS solutions
  • Impervious Surface Feature Mapping
  • Data collection and surveying
  • GIS Conversions and digitization
  • GIS Space management
  • Project Management